Rushing is a natural state of the modern human. It can be counterbalanced by looking for new ways to immortalize moments. To capture an emotion, an achievement or a relationship with those dear to us. For that we use amber that has been immortalized by the nature over millions of years. We use four different types of amber to create our jewelry: Baltic, Caribbean, Ruby and Sapphire. Each of them has a distinct color and familiar variations of it. Both the usual yellow Baltic amber, the unexpectedly green Caribbean, the intense-red Ruby or the deep-blue Sapphire amber can become the modern detail that will add character to the looks of a contemporary person.


Inspired by the story of the gift of the Amber Room the Russian ruler Peter I received in the 18th century, we wanted to reproduce the technology it’s creators used and obtain unconventional amber colors. Innovative manufacturing methods helped us evoke striking changes in amber color. This is how the intense-red Ruby or the deep-blue Sapphire amber – the amber types we later named Precious – were born.


We often call ourselves enthusiasts. We oversee every step of the process, that is why we are familiar with amber in all its stages – from raw material to precise jewelry. We experiment and create innovative ways of processing amber while maintaining its natural origin.
We are responsible partners who care about maintaining long-term relationships. Amber has been the axis of our business for almost 30 years.
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